On Thursday, 1. December this year about 19.55 hours, police officer VII of PP Zagreb committing the criminal offense of robbery at the post office in Albahari Street, found and arrested an 30-year-old masked hat with eye slits, who with a threatening plastic gun from an employee alienated the 48.100 kuna. With the conducted criminal investigation by the police officers of the VII PP of Zagreb and the General Crime Department of the Criminal Police Sector of the UP in Zagreb, it was found that with the suspect there was also a 23 year-old who was parked near the post office by a personal car "fiat uno" of Krapina's registration badges. from the venue of the event.

During the criminal investigation of the suspect, two suspects found the grounds for suspicion that they committed another two offenses of robbery at post offices in the evening hours of 11. November, at the same address in Albahari Street and 15. November this year at Dragutina Golik's address where the criminal acts of robberies were committed in the same way, so that the suspect 23-year-old was parked near the branch office, waiting for the 30-year-old, masked with the eyebrows with a plastic gun punch from the employee discounted the 20.000 and the 93.459 kuna, after which they moved away from the mentioned car.
They are also suspected of having committed five more criminal offenses in sportsbook bettors, of which two in the attempt. In the evening, during November this year, they tried to commit robberies in sports betting shops at Jablanska Street (6.11.2016.) And in Argentina Street (10.11.2016.), And they did not succeed or did not miss anything while 6.11.2016. on Lanciano and 10.11.2016. on the Podsused Square in the betting shops, the 23.240 and the 14.800 kuna were outlined. Furthermore, it is suspected that 20.10.2016., At Zabok, Matije Gupca also committed the robbery at the bookmaker and abandoned the 2.100 kuna from the employee. The total material damage caused by these criminal offenses is the 201.699 kuna.