Pleasant atmosphere, live performances of famous bands, magic moments in a snowy ambiance for the most beautiful advent photograph, lots of laughing children and thousands of boiled potatoes - this is a brief description of the first weekend of long-awaited "Advent at Klovic's Courts". For photographing with the view of the Zagreb cathedral, they were waiting patiently, and the most memorable memories in the form of the most beautiful advent of photographs did not want to miss the many famous ones who visited the popular Upper Austria Advent: Ana Harmander, Marko Tolja, Nika Fleiss, Robert Sever and many others.

After the official opening of the concert of the group "Fire" on a crowded Gradec plateau on Thursday, 01. December, the number of visitors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday surpassed expectations. At the magically decorated plateau Gradec on Friday, the crowded audience enjoyed the sounds of the group "Summer Cinema" while Saturday was reserved for the opening of the exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, an interesting children's workshop, a skating rink in the magical Atrium of Klović's Palace, an interesting gastronomic offer and a wonderful idyll on the stained plateau with rhythms of DJs and the evening with the song "Songkillers"

And in the upcoming week, "Advent at Klovic's Court" he prepares a lot of it, and the biggest surprise will be visiting Santa Claus from far Lapland on Wednesday at 16. The first visit to Zagreb is the true Santa Claus, and the culmination of the gathering will be at Klović's Courts where every child will have the opportunity to paint with Santa Claus for his the most beautiful advent photograph.