And while a lot of talk about the possible overwhelming of the City Budget for the next year, which could eventually be the premature end of Milan Bandic's mayor's rule, two big parties have not yet pronounced their mayoral candidates. The reason for this is that the internal games in both parties, the HDZ and the SDP, and the absence of a person who would be strong enough to fight with Milan Bandic and the most prominent cadres for the second round - independent Sandrom Švaljek and HNS Ankom Mrak Taritaš.

Although some media have conveyed information that the SDP could vote without its Zagreb mayor candidate, or, in order to support the HNS candidate, from the Zagreb leadership, and other parties receive different information.

- We never close the door to anyone. But in the process we are deciding who will be our candidate (or candidate) for the mayor of Zagreb, and then we will come out with a name. The SDP as the far-flungest opposition party will never agree to blackmail and pressures of smaller partners. Partners do not negotiate through the media - a source told us close to SDP leadership.

The idea that the SDP in Zagreb should support Anku Mrak Taritaš for the mayor came from the new vice-president of that party - Peđe Grbina. But she did not like another vice-president - Zlatko Komadin, who recalled that he was a member of the SDP leadership, not the HNS, and did not like the SDPs in Zagreb, who told the party colleagues that the decision on the mayoralty of the decision local organizations, in this case - Zagreb, not Pulaski.

While in HNS, the SDP's support to their candidate greetings, they believe that it has to be much wider than the party itself. Vice President of HNS Tomislav Stojak for he said:

In any case, support for the mayoral candidate must be much wider than a narrow party, because no candidate can only gain the majority confidence of the citizens of Zagreb on account of only one political option. Our candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš has presented his program for Zagreb - Smart City very clearly, very clearly and openly. Such a program seeks the support of all those fellow citizens who want to live in a decent, open, well-organized city, a city that deals with the problems of their fellow citizens and solves them, a city that knows at all times what money is and how it is spent. All those who will support such a program and the person supporting it will be more than welcome with their support, and if such support is expressed by SDP colleagues, it will be a great sign that they have also recognized the quality of the candidacy and the program of Anke Mrak Taritaš.

But it seems that HDZ's Zagreb leader Andrija Mikulić plays a different game.

- It is not important for him to vote for the mayor because he knows that there is no chance against Bandic, but he is only important to him at the head of the city's branch and therefore has made a maneuver with the Budget - says a source close to the leadership of the HDZ. According to our sources, Mikulić and assembly HDZs are unlikely to support Bandic with the Budget, then Mikulic will run for the mayor of Zagreb, the elections will lose and fall off "sacrificial lambs" and, as a rewarding reward, he hopes to remain the presidency of the HDZ in Zagreb, And. Similarly, Margaret Mađerić did, tells us our source and continues:

- It was nominated for the 2013 elections, which ended with negligence, and because of the victim who made it for the party, he entered the presidency of the HDZ, while Tomislav Karamarko later included in the list for the Sabor. But Andrija Mikulić does all this on his own, without the support of a growing number of HDZ's in Zagreb and without the leadership of the party, so it would not be surprising that his whole plan would fall into the water and that party president Andrej Plenković would send it into political oblivion - concludes our source from HDZ.

In any case, we have the bursty days ahead of us. On Dec. 20th, at the fateful session of the City Assembly, we will find out whether Zagreb will be temporarily financed or not. If the budget does not pass, a new session will be held a week later, and we will find out if we have any temporary funding or the government will have to appoint a commissioner who will run the town until the election in May next year.