Everywhere frightened about the (no) passing Bandic's Budget for the next year, which would ultimately mean its early fall from the throne of the metropolis. In a variant published by a portal, stubborn Milan Bandic and newly-elected SDP chief and deputy vice-president Davor Bernardic reached an agreement according to which representatives of that party at the 20 session. December raise your hands for the Budget. We will not - says a source close to SDP leadership and party president - there is no chance that this will happen.

According to our source from the SDP, but also from the HDZ - it is more likely that some HDZ congressmen will turn their backs Andriji Mikulić and they support Bandic's Budget rather than someone from SDP doing something like that. Numerous HDZ-men have been put on placid jobs in the Zagreb Holding, like Maria Župana who entered the Supervisory Board and the city-based company, the new holding company Ivana Čelić or Stanko Gačić who received the Zagreb Market, remembers our HDZ source. In addition, he adds, to oppose Mikulić's decision not to support the Budget does not mean opposing the party president Andreja Plenković because Mikulic, we've already said so earlier text, performs in his hand. No support from the party's top, losing support to a growing number of HDZs in the city, and all its cooler relations, our source claims, and mentor Milijan Brkić.

Andrija Mikulić

The reason is that some Assembly HDZs could turn Mikulic back to their employment, so that the source (s) confirms that one of them is waiting for ZET's deputy head. Everything is ready, the HDZ has to sign a contract and tomorrow may be the other person in Zagreb Electric Tram. We find out that this is an Assembly Representative Pere Semrenu.

In the SDP, on the other hand, they claim that Bandic's Electoral Budget does not seem to support him in his dreams. They are not reminded of it, they did not support last year, and they certainly do not want to support these when he adds, clearly, that he would help Bayern make another election victory.