Ivan Pernar without a tongue - about his possible candidacy for Zagreb Mayor, Waste water purifier and contract that City of Zagreb has with Zagreb Waste Water Company, about Marijan Hanžeković, Milan Bandić and Andrija Mikulić ...

Do you mean to run for the mayor? Will you do that and what's up to it?

There are many reasons why I should run, but all those reasons are irrelevant if the people do not support me. So, I'm ready to go to the elections only if the citizens want it.

How do you plan to find out what citizens want - will you conduct a survey?

Exactly, I'm interested in public opinion surveys. If 10 a member of the City wants it, I will go in that race.

What do you offer the Zagrepčani to these well-known candidates?

Contrary to them - they offer misery and poverty, and I offer a better and more normal life, essentially for everyone, not just for a selected group of people.

How do you mean to accomplish it? Zagreb has a lot of money, but also a lot of costs?

It's a lot of waste because it steals a lot. The 600 million Euros were stolen on the Wastewater Purifier. A project that cost $ 278 million and which, to be funded in any way, could cost a maximum of 400 million - this is the Finding of the State Audit ... in this Public-Private Partnership Contract that Bandic signed 2000. With this Zagreb waste water company, in the end, the City of Zagreb will cost us a billion euros, therefore, 600 million more. This one project was stolen, if converted into HRK, four and a half billion kuna. So, a whole budget was Milan Bandic and his clique was covered on that project. Of course, then there is no money, then it must be saved, the rights diminished, the obligations increase - and that is the policy against which I fight.

You mentioned the big amounts, that there is no investigation, DORH, USKOK?

State audit says it was funded in any other way than the public-private partnership - it would be much cheaper, and it is clear that public responsibility here is here, and private is only a benefit, or rather, public is just a pity and private is just a benefit ... although this Treaty is obviously damaging, never DORH has raised any reports, which means that all of them are networked, dipped.

Raise indictments for stalls, cars, and the like, and not for such things?

These ongoing processes against Milan Bandic are pure witch hunters whose only goal is to remove Bandic from the election race through legal methods. So this is not a corruption offense because it is being blamed on employing someone without a contest, while this real crime on the Wastewater Purifier, which makes it more expensive to pay off maltese drainage than water supply, but that's a crazy story, and that's what I'm afraid of Bandic. I do not reproach him with a petty crime, I can understand it, but I can not understand that a whole Budget of the City of Zagreb was stolen, that's unacceptable. It crosses the sphere of some rational behavior and enters the sphere of social pathology.


How are you looking at other mayoral candidates?

They have no choice. They do not see problems, they have no programs. My program is clear. One of the things, therefore, is the termination of the contract on wastewater purifier, which is, in fact, a contract for washing money.

I also advocate that the City of Zagreb terminate the contract with Hanžeković, that he ceases to represent the City of Zagreb and that instead of his private office, the work of compulsory charging leads to legal service within the Zagreb Holding or within the City of Zagreb. So it can not just privatize that job, so then Marijan Hanžeković gives 10 a million kuna for Bandic's freedom, which means that this is an obvious conflict of interest. Look, on the one hand, Marijan Hanžekovic sues me, Ivan Pernar, and on the other defends Milan Bandic. So, that's why I'm attacking both media and legal, and Bandic and media and legally protected.

Citizens are to assess whose people they want to be elected in the elections - whether they want to have those who serve a single mason or those who work together with a mason or with a man who stood up against this masonry that massacred the Croatian people through execution.

And finally, I want to finally put the lift up. It is one of the tourist important things that Zagreb was deprived of by Milan Bandic, no one else.

And the other projects, there's a lot that promises for years, even decades - from rotor, new bridges, hospitals in Blato and so on?

But just look at how much money is invested in the Snow Queen. There are millions left for what, for an event that lasts for three days and which after leaving Janice Kostelic no one is interested in the scene, and a cable car that citizens of Zagreb can use 365 days a year, it is not in service. What we are talking about is the collapse of moral human values ​​and the fall of the healthy, unfortunately, the will of the voters. What is most sorry is that the citizens of Zagreb have so far had no alternative. Everyone who has gone to Bandic to date has been more similar to him than different.

If Bandic would take immunity from jumbo posters, I would vote against it. If, because of the employment of a prisoner, I would be against the removal of immunity, if he was to be tried because Milu Horvat was transported by car, I would have voted against it, but if the issue of wastewater purifier came up - for such a damaging contract there is no justification.

What about the purifier to terminate the contract?

They know how much it costs and they have to pay so much, not paying them three times more than they are worth. If it costs 278 million, then it's a lot to pay, not a billion. There can be no overlap three or four times. They need to give them how much they invested and goodbye.

Have you been in a puppy kitchen to help the poor, homeless?

It would be a good idea to extend the working time of a folk kitchen for starters. That way, crowds could be avoided. In addition, some shelter for the homeless should be opened, closer to the center. And the folk cuisine near Dubrava or in Sesvete. The cart is too far, it's like some segregation.

Mikulić, Bandic and Budget?

Andrija Mikulić, I can tell you from the human side. On the human side, he is a nice person to me, but with the political - who has put HDZ with a tick in his head he will meet him. Who can Bandic believe that he will save him, in legal terms who? Mason Marijan Hanžeković, and in the political HDZ. So, he simply tied, as Franjo Tudjman says, and the black devil in order to keep that power. But in the end, all this will be on his head.