In front of the morgue at Mirogoj on Monday, 5. In December, the Croatian poet, literary theoretician and translator of Ante Štamać, who died of 30, was resigned. November in 78. year of life.
Professor Zvonko Kusić, the president of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, accused Stamać academician that he was one of the most prominent members of the Academy, who was a member of 26 year, and he was the Secretary of the Department of Literature, who lost two more a respected member, academician Slobodan Novak and academician Nikola Petraka.

"Stamanac was one of the last polygamists, true patriot, great intellectual. His erudition, supreme and versatile education, was manifested in all the positions he had accomplished. Rarely, who through 50 years has so influenced Croatian literature and culture as Ante Stamać and has no cultural institution where he has not left a mark, "said academician Kusić. He recalled that the Stamać academic in Zagreb graduated comparative literature and English language, musicology and art history in Ljubljana, philosophy and Germanism in Vienna, and was in charge of the president of the Society of Croatian Writers and of the Croatian Philological Society and Vice President of Matica hrvatska. He also emphasized his significant work at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb where he taught the theory of literature and published a number of books.
"He was one of the oldest and most educated poets of his generation who linked philosophy and poetry. In his opus he symbolized all that is the mission of the Croatian Academy, which is to promote the highest values ​​of the nation. With his work, Ante Stamać lent the Croatian Academy of Sciences, Croatian Literature, Croatian Culture and the Croatian people, and there is eternal glory and thanks, "concluded academician Kusić.
On behalf of the Croatian Mathematician of the Stamać Academy, her President, Academician Stjepan Damjanović, on behalf of the Faculty of Philosophy, dr. sc. Željko Holjevac and Vice President Boris Domagoj Biletić on behalf of the Society of Croatian Writers.
Academician Ante Stamać will be buried on Tuesday 6. December on the island of Molat.
Academician Ante Stamać, translator Nitzche, Goethe, Rilke and Joyce died