"After full 11 years of work, the Pet Care Info Center" SUZA "31.12.2016, is forced to close its doors, extinguish its site and stop working. The reasons for closing Suzin Info Center are purely financial. From 01.01.2017.g. all calls for lost, found and wounded animals will be received by the City Shelter, and who will take over the receipt and processing of calls for abused and neglected animals, unfortunately we still do not know it, "says the status of Facebook today expanded to this social network.

Read the rest of the status below:

"What we want to share with you is a sense of pride and happiness that we whole 11 years, together with all of you, had the opportunity to be part of a wonderful animal story that was full of love, compassion and desire to help all those with help was needed. We are sorry that we have not always been able to do so, but we are happy and proud of all those who, thanks to your and our efforts, have been saved and returned to their owners or are happy to live.

We are aware that all this would not be possible without the help of your citizens, without the support of the media, but without the financial support of the City of Zagreb, and we are endlessly thankful to you. We are grateful to all those who have not been with us and who have criticized us because they were just a great incentive for us to be even better and more effective in our work.

We only hope that when you are gone, you, dear citizens and our beloved media associates, will continue to be there for those forgotten patents who are tied to half a meter of chains, hungry and thirsty in a remote corner of the yard , as well as for all those miserable people who wander through the streets in vain seeking help, for they have no one besides you. "