Fuling with his creative and diverse offer greatly contributes to Zagreb in defense of the Best Advent destinations in Europe. So in just a dozen days of Fuling, Tomić and Kurelce Street, they visited 30 000 curious people who wanted to have fun and the best gastronomic pleasures.

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All lovers of good music and the next few days of 20 enjoy the beat of famous DJs Alen Kosanović, LukeDelux, Phad Phillie, Ivan Krnjic and Igor Grgic Toxic, Duran Duran and many others. In addition to the above, where DJ work is described in the job description, 15. December will be accepted by the great Edo Maajka, who will choose music on this occasion.
If after dancing you get hungry, you can relive the salty and sweet gourmet delicacies in the houses in Kurelceva. There are succulent burgers from Submarine Burger, Asian dishes in Gyoza Bar, the cult Rougemarin, the first and unique Austrian Wurst Bar and Alpenhause where you can taste sweet germknedle. In the Berlin home you can try the most popular German currywurst dish with curry sauce, while mini sausages and hams are baked in the bread at the Bubble Bar. All lovers of goulash suppe should not miss the House Program. Sweets from Sri Lanka are being prepared at the Curry Bowl home, and there are also the Dora Dockyard, Wine Bar, AZtec Bar where you can try burritose and warm chocolate with chili.



In addition to the performances of various performers, many famous chefs perform at Fuliranje. This year's news is Chef House where, from 5. to 7. In December, they prepare white raspberries of balmy bacon, sausage of chicken stomachs and dwarf faeces, directed by Dine Galvagna. A little later this week, Dini will join Ante Pižić, Marin Medak and Andrej Barbieri.

The best gastro street in Croatia has so far been enjoying the dishes of Ivan Pažanin, Hrvoje Zirojević and Brace Sanjin. In addition to our culinary masterpieces, Fulising has enriched the Tuscan Mozart Marca Sassa's kitchen, also known as Pastaman.

The whole concept of top street food contributes to raising the standard of food industry and expanding the supply of Croatian food, which is extremely important for competing with other offers and advent fairs across Europe.

The best medieval restaurants and taverns gathered in Tomić, called Kornati Gate. The staff of Bobe, Fešte, Opata and Fabre will gladden their hungry mouth with specialties, including the shark of the sea dog. Visitors of the beloved cod and Istrian fries will surely not miss the Vodnjan Vodnjan restaurant that was temporarily moved to Chef Street. As all the chefs would not be in the kitchens, and musicians in charge, the Baby Dooks will take care of preparing unprofitable Hot Dogs, Sausages and more. After a good meal, it is necessary to overcome the thirst, therefore there is already a cult Rakijarnica.