Although on a celebration of St. Nicholas yesterday, children usually get gifts and gifts either, and politicians have joined the same "gift". Thus, Dario Zurovec, Independent City Councilor of Holy Week, yesterday shared the executive power-line for irresponsible behavior and mismanagement of this town in the southwestern part of Zagreb County.

The saints for Saint Nicholas were handed to Dragi Prahina, Mayor of Sveti Nedjel, and Ivica Pavlic and Damir Haluzan, deputy mayors, and the reason for the dissatisfaction of this independent councilor lies, as he points out, in irresponsible city management.

"The way the Mayor's communication with the Holy Week residents, as a way of keeping the city, shows utter disrespect for the people who make up the city budget through the gates, as well as all those who gave confidence to manage Holy Sunday. The development programs of the city are directed at a donation of a few thousand kuna for certain associations operating in Holy Week, thus the responsibility for the activities and public action of the city fathers is "removed" from themselves. The councilors, especially me, do not answer questions or months after they have received them from the city parliament.

The city authorities pay their salaries as if they are parliamentarians, driving expensive cars, and field tours are used only for pre-election campaigns, "explained Independent Councilor in Holy Darius Dario Zurovec the reason for giving the heads of the town administration to this city.