Zagreb Pride in co-operation with the Lesbian Organization Rijeka LORI organizes a panel on homophobic and transfobic violence and abuse in the education system titled "Homophobia and Transphobia in the Education System" on Wednesday, 14. December in 19: 30 Hours
at the Faculty of Political Science.

Gender orientation and / or gender identity are common grounds for discrimination, social stigmatization and marginalization within the educational system. Since there are concrete resistances to introducing educational content and practices that would make school staff and students acquainted with the theme of homophobic and transfobic violence as the school makes it safer, the aim of the panel is to warn of the psycho-social consequences of such violence for LGBTIQ students and students and youth .

Representatives of civil society organizations dealing with the topic of education and representatives of educational institutions with experience in combating violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity will participate as panels. Representatives and representatives of the Education Agency and the Ministry of Science and Education were also invited.

The speakers will be: Martina Horvat, GOOD Initiative, Sunčica Remenar, Professor, Craftschool for Personal Services, Iva Žegura, Psychologist, Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic, Dino Markešić, Disciple, Mechanical School Faust Vrančić and Mia Gonan, activist, Zagreb Pride.