Film program 14. The Human Rights Film Festival begins today at the 18 Hours at the Europa Cinema with the screening of the film "Egzil" by Cambodian-French documentary Rithy Panha (the previous documentary The missing image was nominated for the Oscar and was shown at HRFF in 2014). The theme of "Exile" is forcible displacement, referring to the lives of Cambodian residents during the regime of Red Khmer. Panh in this film essay talks about his own experience again in the period between 1975. and 1979. when he was forced to escape from the capital Phnom Penh during the dictatorship of Pol Pota. Numerous members of his family have fallen under the aforementioned dictatorship. Unlike previous work, "Egzil" is a more rational work that, using the quotes of Baudelaire, Mao and many others, seeks to understand the nature of revolutionary ideologies as well as explore the gap between author's perceptions as teenagers and those today.

At the 20 class, the documentary "My Friend Boris Njemcov" Zosye Rodkevich will be shown in the Europa Cinema with the presence of the author. The aforementioned film was created on the basis of a report originally filmed by the author - the task was to record fifty-three doctor physics, a former close associate of Boris Yeltsin and the most famous Putin counterpart. After their friendship became a friendly relationship, Germany was liquidated in February 2015. This intimate portrait has been filmed over the last three years of his life and introduces us into the world of Russian politics at a time when the voices of resistance are becoming ever greater and stronger. Zosya Rodkevich shows him with a great deal of sympathy and then disagrees with him. Her view, devoid of unnecessary pathetics, exudes with sincere human warmth. The aforementioned documentary was awarded the Golden Horn for Best Director and Best Documentary at the Krakow Film Festival and a special jury award at the Odessa Film Festival. The European Cinema Program ends at 22 Hour by the screening of the movie The Way Like the Dream of Angela Schanelec.
The MMC program today in the 20 Hour includes a screening of the movie "Children of Storm, the Book of the First" by Philippine author Lava Diaza, focusing on the devastating consequences of the catastrophic typhoon Haiyan on the Filipino island of Tacloban. The mentioned typhoon caused the deaths of seven thousand people, and several months after the accident, Diaz visited the accident site and recorded the lives of those children. Lav Diaz is one of the most interesting directors of contemporary film, who has been enjoying a cult status for filmmakers for years and acknowledgment with international professions and wider public has been awarded for a few recent productions (his latest film, "A Woman Who's Moved", won this year's Golden Lion in Venice, and From the time preceded by 2014 - also shown at the HRFF of the same year - the Golden Leopard at Locarnu).

A rich accompaniment program, including a workshop, lecture and tribute, will be held at Europa Cinema, the MM Center and the Multimedia Institute of MaMa.

At the 16 lessons at the Europa cinema (Müller Hall), the Forum "Protection of Human Rights Down the Road: Successes and Failures of Activist Practices in the Region" will be held, organized by "GONG" and the Festival. Through examples of recent activist initiatives in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia, focusing on those who advocate for direct democracy and the protection of common public goods, the forum will stimulate debate on the successes and effects of activist practices. Borka Pavičević from the Center for Decontamination of Culture in Belgrade, Andrija Stojanović from the initiative Ne da (vi) moja Beograd, Dragana Dardić from the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights from Banja Luka, Ivana Dragšić from the Macedonian association Ploštad Sloboda, Tomislav Domes from the Zagreb Law Society and the representative of the Alternative Institute from Podgorica. The tribune is moderated by Antonija Letinić from Kurziva.

After a discussion at the Müller Hall at 18, a round table will be held under the name "What is happening to us in the neighborhood? - Attacks on Civil Liberties, Civil Society and Media in Hungary and Poland ". During this roundtable, all visitors will be informed about the current situation in Poland and Hungary and discuss how citizens' resistance and co-operation across the EU can create a line of resistance to the attacks on our fundamental freedoms: freedom of expression, association and gathering . Desi Andras, journalist and editor of the recently abolished Hungarian newspaper Nefeleadsag, Barbara Grabowska-Moroz, a lawyer and activist of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Poland, will be attending the round table: Gordan Bosanac from the Center for Peace Studies / Platforms CROSOL will be moderated.

The accompanying program at the SC Multimedia Center includes the "Spying School" Tee Tupajić workshop of 16 hours. Namely, theatrical director Tea Tupajic started 2013. year work on the project "The Art of Deception", which deals with the comparison of the work of the agent of secret service and work of the artist. As co-creators of the project, he called on active and former agents of Israeli secret services Mossad and Shin Bet, and explored the range of skills, techniques and necessary virtuosities needed for their work. The workshop lasts three days during which participants will complete a series of basic and advanced exercises.

The 18 lesson at the MaMa Club will be a lecture by publicist and artist James Bridle entitled "Cloud Thinking". James Bridle is a publicist and artist who explores the history of technological forecasting, computational processing, and alternative thinking models around the world. His works have been commissioned by numerous galleries and institutions around the world and the Internet. His notion of aesthetics as a research project inspired discussion and inspired many artistic and theoretical answers.
The entrance to all projections and events is free!