On a big canvas on Thursday 8. December comes fateful encounters and love triangles packed into the charming Christmas comedy All the Best Snowman Tribuson. The act of the film is set at Christmas time, when everybody wants everything best, and in it intertwines the fate of a lonely confectioner Verica (Ksenija Marinković) who long ago dropped the quest for "the real one", Brankica (Renata Pokupić), a world-famous opera singer disappointed in love and charismatic baritone Martina (Ozren Grabarić) who is recovering from marital shipwreck.

Scriptwriter and director Snježana Tribuson revealed that her inspiration for the character Ljube (Goran Navojec from the teaser) served the character of the notorious seducer Don Giovanni from the same name as Mozart's opera. Master Ljubo is a loving woman who enjoys every new seduction and woman's attention. Its charm is intended for all women equally. Do not spare words whenever in a woman's society and with equal fervor to everyone.

Along with the aforementioned protagonists, a number of comedic love (non) faces include the well-known painter Ljubo (Goran Navojec), two nurses (Ksenija Paić and Dora Fišter Toš) trying to understand how the male brain works and Tomo (Bogdan Diklić), a farmer very unusual talents. It is unlikely that there may be a group of cockroaches, hymns and an opera arias, but in this story it is quite so.

"All the Best" is the fourth feature film directed by Snježana Tribuson, author of the famous Croatian films "Recognition" (1996.), "Three Men Melite Zganjer" (1998.) And "Do not Give The God of Greater Evil" (2002.) And popular series "Relax, you deserve it." The film was produced by Kinorama and HRT, and co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Center.