KSET in 2016. year celebrates the great 40. a birthday party with many eminent performers of the Croatian and regional music scene, and the impressive list of birthday performers joins the legendary Seagombs, who will perform at the Club on Thursday, 8. December

Silkworms are the most recent edition of one of the creative stories of Jane Jakopača, which began with 1999. bendom Šo! Mazgoon, and something later on went on a bit different but equally good Mazgun and the recent Šogunas who were now moving to the Shagguns. In addition to Žana (author, guitar, voice, jokes), Jelena Galić (bass, voice, double bass), Ante Prgin Surka (drums), Nino Orepić (percussion), Vedran Perkov (trumpet, harmonica) are also playing. With this extraordinary setting, Monks are also waiting for you by numerous guests.

KSET is inviting you to forget about molds and drawers and you will come to see what the Shadowgun is 8. December to give this cult club to 40. birthday. They will certainly do some fun and have fun, and this is the warmest wishes and all of you.

Tickets at a pre-sale price of 30 kuna can be purchased at KSET. The ticket price on the day of the concert will be 40 kuna.

You need to have a membership card of KSET with you. Get green ID at the entrance (5 kn) or overnight at KSET (0 kn).