The holiday atmosphere of Advent in Zagreb is spreading over the Upper Town - in the Upper Town yard there is the magic of the holiday season. And today 7.12. in 17: 00 in the beautiful backyard of Balbi Palace we also welcome Santa Claus Santa Claus from far Lapland in Finland.

Go back for a moment at the age of childhood and join afterwork with Santa Claus in the Backyard Balbi yard. Experience the unique ambience of this beautiful courtyard at Demetrova 11, refresh yourself with some sweet snacks or hot siphon and enjoy the special "Welcome Santa Clause" music program prepared by great singer and guitarist Gordana Marković.

Warm up with the famous Christmas evergrine Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, Have Yourself and Merry Little Christmas ... and whisper to Santa Claus your greatest holiday wish!
Visit of Santa Claus is organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Finland, and the Courts are the last stop of its two-day visit to Zagreb.
The program of the Courtyard continues in the evenings with a rich musical program, and we are already here tonight: the "voice" of Yard Iva Smojver, always excellent Duo Intense, the "musical discovery" of this yard Gordana Markovic and the singer we will only discover this winter in the Courts - Lu Jakelić.
By the end of the week, all the visitors of the Courtyard expect a lot of great music and great fun with the great male vocalist Matija Cvek, the original Zagreb charm Lee Bulic, the fantastic Zeljko Veverec, the always moody Gornjogradske fulire, the great jazz singer Melita Lovričević and many other musical delights.
Everyone will find something for which the Yard is recognized as the "best urban fun" and "project with the soul", therefore: Dress up your hottest boots and put on your favorite woolen gloves and yard will take care of everything else ...
Come to the Upper Town - And let's talk about the most beautiful Christmas story in the Courts!


LOCALITIES OF THE SHADOWS: Northern part of the Upper Town
Backyard Palace Vojkovic-Orsic-Kulmer-Rauch (Croatian Historical Museum), Matoševa 9. Representative palace, rarely a nice example of the noble residential architecture of the second half 18. century, named after its owners, noble families Vojkovic, Orsic, Kulmer and Rauch. The gathering place of the Zagreb high society, with a large hall where elite parties, dances and theater performances were held. From 1931. to 1959. headquarters of the Zagreb mayors, and then the Croatian History Museum.

Atrium Palace Amadé (Croatian Natural History Museum), Demetrova 1. A spacious atrium palace and a hall at the beginning of 19. century theatrical life in Zagreb, called "Amadé", began with his owner Antun Amadé de Varkony. After 1835. the theater life moved to Stanković's Theater on Markova Square, the building was for several years the hub of Hungarians, followed by a state-owned accountancy building with a pastry shop and a cloakroom on the ground floor, and from 1868. home of the Croatian Natural History Museum.

Backyard Balbi Palace (Old Church Slavonic Institute), Demetrova 11. The Old Church Institute, Baroque palace and yard with the only well preserved well in the Upper Town, among the old Zagrepčani, also known as Balbić palace, named after the Baroness Cornelius Balbi, who was her last private owner, in which the most beautifully decorated binder and are still kept in the nearby Zagreb City Museum.

Atrium Museum of the City of Zagreb, Opatička 20-22. More than a century and a half the Opatija monastery of the Order of St. Clare by which the street was named Opatička, where members of the most prominent Croatian noble families were then accommodated. Then the theater, and the barracks, the post office, and the financial administration with the state treasury, from 1947. home of the Zagreb City Museum with its spacious atrium and the oldest solar wall in Zagreb.

Private Milovac Family House, Opatička 19. The place where the composer and cello Rudolf Matz was born, where the great love of the famous Croatian composer Vatroslav Lisinski Hedviga Ban was born, and according to the legend the first Croatian opera "Love and Evil" was created.