Zlatko Hasanbegovic, Picture Source: Facebook

The Zagreb Budget goes through the session of 20 Assembly. In December, HDZ's Zagreb organization was dissolved, and then Zlatko Hasanbegović came to its forehead, and in the election race for the metropolis included independent Bruno Esih with the support of the HDZ - the most probable scenario that will take place in the next month and a half, confirmed for Dalje.com More sources close to the leadership of this party.

Andriji Mikulić the days were counted, and the whole maneuver with the Budget had taken its turn, to save itself from the dissolution of the HDZ organization in Zagreb, which Andrej Plenković plans to do during January. He tries Mikulić, like Bandic, to rule autocratically, but he does not go out of his hand. Indeed, day after day there are more and more enemies, both in Zagreb and in the top of the party. He's even a mentor Milijan Brkić, thanks to whom he entered the Parliament, slowly turns his back - our well-resourced sources claim.

Recall, Andrija Mikulić announced at the session of the Assembly on December 1 that HDZ will most likely not support the Budget, which would ultimately mean the departure of Milan Bandic on the forefront of Zagreb. If, therefore, temporary financing would not be passed - Bandic would have to depart, the Assembly would be dissolved and the Mayor of the city would be governed by a Mayor appointed by the Government in May. However, that idea for Mikulić was out of control by Plenkovic, saying that the HDZ has no interest nor use to break Bandic so the HDZs at the Assembly of 20. December should vote for the Budget.

- In the HDZ of Zagreb, the real "game of throne" takes place. Mikulic was a maneuver with the demise of Bandic, and later the planned candidate for the mayor, to take over the leadership of the HDZ. The whole story would go down as "the sacrificial lamb" because the elections would have been lost for Bandic, and as a comforting reward, Mikulić wrote, Plenkovic left the town organization - HDZs tell us the close party leadership and add that they participate in the "throne games" even i Drago Prgomet and among the many HDZ's are extremely unpopular Zvonko Milas.

"Every one of them would like to have Zagreb, but it will not be difficult for them to pass through. Prgomet is considered by many as a traitor - he went to MOST, so he negotiated with Milanovic and Kotromanović to eventually return to the HDZ. Milas, too, can not see it because it was known as the "soldier" of the former HDZ and Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, was behind the back of Defense Minister Tomi Medved but also Hasanbegović since he learned that he just needed to take the helm of the HDZ in Zagreb - concludes portal sources from Dalje.com