From apple cider to liqueur and famous cooked wine, all the way to fritule, sausage, sour and cold, in the advent of homes will find a lot to every tourist in Zagreb and everywhere else. This wide gastronomic offer spiced the Adriatic flavors on the European Square, and expanded the exhibits with souvenirs and original handicrafts on Zrinjevac and Ban Jelacic Square. Curious visitors and tourists are much, visiting homes, eating, drinking and photographing.

Advent's visitors did not mind the cold, so they were enjoying themselves with the heaters and the good food. Whatever time you go to look for homes and what I can offer you, you will be caught in a small crowd. A group of people gather around each of the booths or lodges offering a food or drink. Tourists are particularly interested in Advent, so we also see groups of tourists listening to their Zagreb Christmas tradition with their tour guide.


Mirna and Ivona from Sesveta are often visited by Advent, and their Christmas spell was experienced on Stross and Tomislav:

"I was very nice at Strossmayer Square and at Advent at Klovićeva dvora, where it is especially beautiful in the evening because of the wonderful Christmas atmosphere and open-air music events and because of the special view of the entire city," says Mirna.

- It's nice for Tomislavac, because of the ice rink and the Leden gazebo where you can enjoy a glass of boiled wine and have a look at the entire Tomislavov trg. And in Kurelce's street are definitely the finest cobras in the city - Ivona concluded with a laugh.

Tomislav's Square, Ban Jelacic Square, Advent at Klovićeva Dvori, Zrinjevac, European Square and always up-to-date Fuling - the offer is really rich, so you can not even go out in one go.

"And this year is all very well organized, but we have not arrived yet, we just have hot dogs and beer, so we'll see where we go," says Dominic from Dubrava, who comes to Advent in Zagreb every year in a friendship company.


And while Christmas lovers love to eat fritule with chocolate or maybe sugar, those who work day out will enjoy an evening visit to the skating rink that grabs the number of sliders and visitors around the nearby homes.

Advent in Zagreb and the past years gathered a large number of visitors, but this year a good winter tourist season could surpass the best results so far.

Author: Vedrana Mišković

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