If anyone thinks it's easy to be a vegan and animal rights activist, he's cheated. The hardest thing to do with food and repentance, but all who choose life without cruelty to animals, is most difficult to face the dark side of the human race. The hardest is to understand why good and caring people, including family and friends, continue to engage in unnecessary practices of violence against animals - just because of their current pleasure or habit.

Many of them simply are not familiar with cruel practices that are indispensable in animal breeding because of human nutrition, clothing, or entertainment. They might have seen a video, heard something in conversation with acquaintances, or slashed through brief information on the posters, but they were not good enough to change nutritional and other habits.

Several dozen activists have decided to devote the International Day of Animal Rights (10 Dec) to encouraging watching the Earthlings movie. Guided by the thought, "If we have the knowledge and the knowledge we do not send the message and open up to others, who will?", They decided to get armed with laptops and tablets and scenes from the award-winning film about human relationships with animals.

Activists in black outfit will symbolically wear white masks as their emotions and tears would not turn their attention from the screen in front of them. In this performance the most important are the screens and what can be seen on them. The Earth movie is an impressive documentary that shows hidden footage of everyday practices in the industry that exploits animals - kennel, slaughterhouse, circus, water parks, etc. The "Earths" are responsible for changing the habits of millions of people around the world and because of the clear facts they need to see everyone who cared, as well as to those who did not.

By performing the Earthlings Experience performance, Croatia will join France, England, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, America, Canada, Australia and many other countries where such performance has been achieved. Anyone who is not sure if they should look at the movie can inspire the words of the director of Shaun Monson explaining why it is important not to run away from the truth and not to close their eyes in front of the scenes of violence against animals: "We must not refuse to see what animals have to suffer from bodies."

What the movie Zemljani draws attention and why worldwide 30 years mark the International Day of Animal Rights is the fact that we share this planet with other species of animals. We are all Earths and we have the right to life without exploitation and keeping in slavery. Animal Friends call on the "Earthly" film to be considered on the occasion of the International Day of Animal Rights and to imagine the actions of mankind against their dependents.

Anyone who can not be on the main Zagreb square can watch the movie at www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and www.youtube.com/afcroatia and recommend it to their acquaintances.