More than 400 performers will perform in the Gymnasium Sesvete hall at 2. Meeting of School Choirs to be held on Friday, 9. December starting at 18 hours.

Concert of Elementary and High School Choirs is organized in cooperation with Gymnasium Sesvete, Maksimir Center for Culture and Information and Zagreb Music Center. The aim of the meeting is to develop and raise the musical culture of young people, to stimulate and develop student talent, to present choir repertoire and choirs to the general public, and to evaluate the choices of choirs and their leaders. Participating in the Festival, ie Meeting, students and choir members will be given the opportunity to publicly present their work and will thus be able to evaluate their music in relation to other choirs.


At the concert will be the 9 School Choirs - the Choir of the Gymnasium Sesvete, the Mixed Choir of the Archbishopric Classical Gymnasium, the Gymnasium Choir Fr. Dominic Mandić (Široki Brijeg), the Gymnasium Velika Gorica Gymnasium Choir, the Zlatko Grgošević Music School Choir, the Central Music School Choir IM Ronjgova Rijeka, The Elementary School Choir of Izidor Kršnjava, Elementary School Choir, Sesvetski Kraljevec, The Small Choir of Osimo School of Ban Josip Jelacic and the Children 's Tamburitza Section of the KUD Class Orchestra SO DO. The entrance to the concert is free.


The Concert of Choir Choirs is part of the Festival of Music, where at the beginning of November the Festival and the Competition of Singing Choirs were held, and the event will conclude the concert on the occasion of the World Day of Choir Singing on Sunday, 11. December at the Maksimir Culture and Information Center. At the concert that starts at 12, the youngest performers will perform - the Children's Choir of the Zagreb Angel, the Children's Choir Kikići, the Choir of the Dugo Selo Choir and the Choir of the Slavko Kolar Elementary School. Entrance to the concert is free.