On Saturday, 10. December 2016. in the 10 hours at the fence of the University of Zagreb, at the Kazališni Square members of the organization "Circle of Trg" will lay one hundred roses for killed students.

In the "Square for the Square" they expect and require the adoption of a law that will prevent the nationalist level from highlighting every totalitarian symbol.

They seek to change the name of Marshal Tito Square in Zagreb.

"Josip Broz Tito is responsible for the mass killing of people, even for mass student liquidation, at Bleiburg and cross roads. From 1945. to 1990. Numerous students and students offered the regime resistance - by talking, talking, gathering - and experiencing torture and draconian prison sentences, and some were in prison jail sentences and killed, "conclude the" Circle for Trg "

The request for the renaming of Marshal Tito's Square in the Theater Square has not passed