At the final presentation of the project activities "My Place in the Community", the K-Zone 30 association. in the old Chernovtsky City Hall presented the results of public actions and priority needs of citizens and citizens of Tresnjevka north as well as further advocacy activities on the quest for Trešnjevka north to become the first district in Zagreb to strengthen the participation of the local community, modeled on progressive European cities.

The public presentation of the culmination is the activity of the project where, in their respective communities, Zora (Međimurska County), the Center for Sustainable Development (Imotska krajina) and the K-Zone (Trešnjevka sjever) worked to establish cooperation with the competent local self-government institutions and examine the needs and educated citizens about how to solve problems in the local community. Recall, in the research conducted by the associations at the end of 2015. On the 1000 respondents, employment, economy and communication with public administration and institutions have emerged as a priority in all regions, reflecting the economic situation in the country and the difficulties in communicating citizens with institutions that are visible at all levels.

Unlike other regions in the research, in Tresnjevci, north, the results of the research have been scattered on other needs that can be characterized as a need for efficient use of public space in the widest sense, ie the ability to build a neighborhood by using citizens and citizens, the needs that have been assessed as important concern the use of public space, the use of public facilities and abandoned buildings.

Public actions and priority wishes of citizens and citizens of Tresnjevka north

In the period between June and November, the Association of K-Zone with volunteers collected on the six public actions specific problems and needs of the local population of Tresnjevka north, and about a thousand postcards with wishes and objections from citizens and citizens were sent to competent institutions.

In the category of citizen traffic / and most often they complained about the lack of parking, the lack of bicycle infrastructure, dangerous intersections, circular flows and pedestrian crossings. With regard to purity, exceptional frustration of traffic jams and garbage can be seen, lack of waste sorting facilities and waste management discomfort. Citizens also complain about the looks of the streets, houses and buildings: unfinished facades, uneven looks but also general ugliness and devastation of the quarters.

There was also a desire to revitalize traditional cherry treasures: Trešnjevački placa, Doma sportova, Two lipe, as well as the introduction of a trešnjava društvena i kulturna manifestacija. Additional suggestions were the enhancement of cultural and sports content, social and intergenerational solidarity projects, community population pointers, or, for example, home loan repair work. The desire is for the citizens to encourage small and family entrepreneurship and self-employment, traditional crafts, social entrepreneurship, support for the use of incentives and EU funds, and strategic lease of city and state space. It also showed the desire for better communication between district police and police and a better and organized infrastructure for pet owners.

Application Project community as a continuation of advocacy activities

As a solution to these problems, better information and efficiency of actors and institutions was set up, designing their linking schemes, and better communication and planning models that would result in cross-linking of experts and citizens' representatives and their initiatives.

In this context, the K-Zone has publicly introduced the application where you can choose the geographic area (Međimurska županija, Tresnjevka, Imotski) where citizens want to type a problem, solution or proposal and Make it easy to make it publicly available and visible.

Also, the web application also contains the addresses of the key actors that are entered in the application as contacts (institutions, associations, local government units and self-government) divided into areas of activity: economy, healthcare, communal activities and the like. Through citizens' applications, they can be informed about key local community actors, find a group of citizens worried about the same problem or have a similar idea, and see if there is an association in their neighborhood or an initiative that can provide them with additional advice.

K-zone citizen participation in solving problems after the completion of the 15 project. December continues through the online community interface project and via e-mail address and the 095 748 0725 phone to which citizens of Tresnjevka north can contact if they wish to be informed about further activities in the neighborhood.