Zagreb, 13.12.2015 - Advent in Zagreb, Zrinjevac. photo HINA / Damir SENÈAR / ds

The award winning vocal ensemble Vatroslav Lisinski will be on Saturday, 10. December at the 18 class in the Zrinjevac Pavilion to host a concert of traditional Swedish festivals on the occasion of St. Luke's Day celebration.

Saint Lucia, which is celebrated by 13. In December, Sweden is one of the biggest holidays in the year, and for that day schools and cities choose their Lucius, and the national Lucija is also elected. Usually, the oldest daughter in the family dresses like Lucius in a white dress with a red belt, wearing a crown of evergreen branches symbolizing a new life in the winter, and candles that symbolize light. They will be home to a song about Lucius and serve them with 'Lussekatter', roasted raisins and the saffron flavor that is traditionally eaten on that day.

13. December in Sweden is associated with the shortest day of the year, so the day of St. Lucia is actually a symbolic border between light and darkness followed by the victory of light.
Vocal Ensemble Vatroslav Lisinski, who marks this year as 50. years of activity, for this occasion, gathered more than twenty singers who will dress in white traditional dresses with candles in their hands to try to bring the audience of Zrinjevac closer to the part of Swedish culture and holiday customs associated with St. Lucia.

Zagreb and its guests will be welcomed by Lars Schmidt, Ambassador of Sweden to Croatia, followed by a 45 minute concert that gives citizens of Zagreb and their guests the Embassy of Sweden with the support of the City of Zagreb Tourist Board.