Imagine Croatia is a festival of young musicians from 13 to 21 years, (individuals) and groups up to most 8 musicians. The festival is open to young performers regardless of the type of music they perform. Imagine Festivals are competitions of live performances of all musical styles open to all young musicians. National and International finals are held at Ban Josip Jelačić Square 10. and 11. December starting at 18.30 hours.

The performance at the national finale will enable the winner to perform at the IMAGINE 2017 International Imagine Festival in France. Other awards include guest appearances at Imagine Sweden in Sweden, Imagine France in France, Aquarius Records Award - Single Singing and Euro Unit and Yamahe Awards - Electroacoustic Embroidery.

At the national 10 finale. December performs: Antonio David Perina, Insane Jester, Lover is a smoke, Brake, Gambit, Tantra, LOS, sArts and Matt Shaft. International guests will also be featured: Salomon Jakobsson (Sweden), Please smell us (France) and ThIED (Belgium).

In Croatia this festival is organized by 2007. year so this is his tenth edition. On that occasion in Zagreb, Ban Josip Jelačić Square will be 11. December will host the IMAGINE International Festival, which will host the winners of the National Imagine Festival, which is 2015. were held in Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, France, Spain, Sweden and Zimbabwe. The competition will include the best young musicians, individuals and groups who will represent their country in Zagreb at the international finals for the title of the International Winner and win an international tour at Imagine Festivals.

The international finals are expected: Sephion (Brazil), Theid (Belgium), The Late (Croatia), The Rising sun (France), Ivy Moon (Spain), The Tape (Sweden), JESA (Zimbabwe).

Come and support these young musicians on Saturday and Sunday at the Square.