The Zagreb police arrested her on Tuesday, 6. December, nine people who resold drugs in the Zagreb area and seized more than three kilograms of ecstasy.

Danijela Kožić from the State Attorney's Office said she was conducting an investigation against nine people for unauthorized production and drug trafficking. A two-month detention was imposed for the two persons due to the danger of repetition of the criminal offense. But this was not the only action of the Zagreb police focused on drug dealers in the past month. Dražen Milicevic, the head of the drug crime service, confirmed the arrest of a Croatian citizen (44) where 360 marijuana was found.

"If he was successful in breeding, he could produce 15 pounds of drugs," Miličević added. In the lab, a multiple perpetrator of more serious criminal offenses well-known to the police, invested 15.000 kuna.

The Zagreb police, Miličević continued, arrested a month ago by 17, also because of the drug deal. Among them, among others, 1800 grams of marijuana were discovered, as well as significant amounts of cocaine and amphetamines.

"Among those arrested, five people have bought more drugs they have sold in the area of ​​Zagreb. It's about huge amounts of drugs and street traffickers that are a great danger, "says Miličević.

He said that in 11 months this year, in the area of ​​Police Administration in Zagreb, he was executed through 1660 confiscated drugs while in the past it was slightly more than 1500.

"This result will show that the largest number has been sealed in the last 10 years. Of the drugs most marijuana was seized, but the number of seized and synthetic drugs increased, "concluded the head of the drug crime service.