As part of the Advent at Klovićeva Dvori, there is a great variety of gourmet specialties, which will satisfy even the most demanding palate on the plateau Gradec with excellent entertainment. Even the offering of even 11 caterers is based on the unusual offer of food and beverages and indigenous products of domestic small producers. The top specialties can be eaten on the lodges: Mundoaka, Lobby, ChevapRolls, Kobas, Under the Old Roofs, Palm, Wine 4B, Brave Honey, Samobor Station, Clinic, Woodstock.

In the rustic setting, Lobby decided to offer local delicacies - cheese, ham, dried sausages and small snacks, and the new offer is the magic that has become a real hit among the gourmands. With such delicious snacks, winter drinks are the best, such as hot cocktails made on the basis of whiskey, jade and rum with numerous aromatic mixtures of star anise, cinnamon, pepper and winter aronia. In the offer of food, special mention is made of "Mundoaka" which offers its famous specialties in street variants. Advent specially prepared a sweet sponge cob, which has already conquered Advent visitors and Empanadas de Mundoaka in two variants and Mundo Dulce brownie. For those looking for something more fit, "On the Palm" offers specialties without sugar, grains and refined oils. Among other things, there are fine Slavonian goulash, pulled pork sandwiches and the finest lettuce, and for those who love variety of colors and flavors, ChevapRolls offers special biscuits with delicate sausage colors and numerous additives as well as fritule with a dough in color.
All of this, of course, accompanies the rich offer of sweet drinks, while the "Clinic" brings a whole host of brandy of different flavors, while the real specialty is the first Croatian gin.

Christmas liqueur is ideal for holiday days, and fruit brandies will heat up all sweet drinkers. At the "Vino 4b" cottage, you can warm up the wine from Slatina, where you can taste the homemade cow or sheep cheese perfectly. The "Woods" will best appeal to classmates. Delicious cloves, spicy snacks and hot cuts can be added to the fritule, while the "Kobas", along with classic sausages, offers exotic and unusual sauces such as sweet mustard. If you want to enjoy the delicious pancakes made from traditional recipes and roasted on a pan just like you are at home, go to the "Under the Old Roofs" box. Traditions are also held at "The Brave Honey" and at the "Samobor Station". Sarmice in love, desire and bliss, and the top gourd of the work "With the Brave Honey" will satisfy those of the most demanding gourmands, and for those who just want to have something to eat, there are the famous potters. At Samobor station, Samobor's cremation is a hit, of course. With this favorite dessert, from "specific" meals there are soured and smoked breams, and everyone can go to the gablec over a week in their cottage.
Apart from the excellent gastronomic offer, Advent at Klovićeva Dvora offers you free concerts of popular Croatian bands and fun for the whole family and an attraction that has already won social networks - a special frame for painting the most beautiful advent of photography. Advent's specialties at Klović's Palace can be found in the photo gallery:

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