This year, the Croatian Audiovisual Center, on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season, offers a haven of films which are freely presented at the cinemas throughout Croatia, as part of the Marathon. This manifestation, on the occasion of the shortest day of the year, celebrates the short film form, Marathon runs from 18. to 21. December, and takes place at 17 Cinema in 13 Cities.

In the fourth Marathon Short Films, more than 20 titles will be shown in four programs: 'Croatian Marathon I and II' will bring recently awarded domestic shorts, 'European Small Marathoners' bring European animated titles intended for younger viewers while 'Split' marathons' reserved for the Split audience.

In the program 'Croatian marathons I and II' there is 11 of domestic films of all genres. The feature films "Zvir" by Miroslav Sikavica, among other things, were also rewarded with special recognition in 48. the "Quinzaine des réalisateurs" program, which takes place in parallel with the Cannes Film Festival, "Flowers" Judite Gamulin, a nominee for the Oscar Academy Award-winning "Kristine Kumrić" by 15. the release of the Film Festival in Valladolid, "Dental Tooth" by Saša Bana, a film on 61. ZFF was declared the best in "Cockice" and "Honey and Melo" by Marko Jukic, who won a special jury award at the ZFF in the same program. Animated films are also the award-winning titles of "Planemo" by Veljko Popović, "Petrova šuma" by Martina Meštrović and "Glassman Man" by Daniela Šuljić, and experimental achievements of "Dota" Petar Zlonoge and "Moving Elements" by Mark Tadic. There is also a documentary shortcut "Something about the life of Nebojsa Sljepčević.

'The short film is, unfortunately, media invisible and weak (pre) known outside the profession, as it does not live outside the film festivals. What a pity, because the effects and possibilities of short films, both artistically, so stylishly and naratively, are immense and not visible. A short film is often an indicator and inauguration of new trends, styles, director's poetry and authors, and deserves more serious media and professional attention and greater visibility. In addition, the short film is often more versatile, more unconventional, bolder and even more fun than its more unfamiliar and popular brother - the feature film. For this reason, manifestations such as the Marathon Short Films are more than welcomed because the short film comes out of the narrow film context and is effectively approaching the broader audience. What is particularly nice, and democratically, throughout the story of Marathon's short films is that this manifestation is not limited to the big cities, but rather comes in a conditionally less-than-average environment. It is a valued initiative that has only one problem - to be held only once a year, "said Miroslav Sikavica, director of the Zvir movie, on the occasion of the fourth Marathon shorts movie.

The young director, Cvijeća, agrees with him, Judita Gamulin. "Achilles' fifth short film is that life is very short for them - it often happens to tour festivals around the world, and the domestic audience can never see them. That's why I am very happy to see what Flowers are going to do now, in the company of other genius short films, to watch the domestic cinema. Marathon Short Films is an excellent platform and a good bet for a quality relationship between the audience and domestic directors who will turn to the same audience in the feature format, "concluded Gamulin at the end.

"European Small Marathoners" bring award-winning animated short films for children, including a Croatian title, "Fruit" by Ivan Mirko Senjanović. In addition, the youngest will see animated films from Slovenia ("Koyaa", "Cvijet"), France ("Kavez"), Spain ("Customer Service"), Norway ("Mushroom Monster"), Italy ("Merlot" ), The Netherlands ("Jack"), Lithuania ("Button") and Sweden ("What if").

The fourth program "Split Marathon" brings four domestic titles that are free to watch on the big canvases in Split. There are feature films "Rare Air" by Šimun Šitum, "Our Two" by Andrija Mardešić and "Minjonja ninjjanja" by Josip Lukić and the documentary film "Cinema Island" directed by Ivan Ramljak.

The cities and cinemas that participate in the fourth Marathon short films are Rijeka (Art Cinema Croatia), Velika Gorica (Pučko otvoreno učilište Velika Gorica), Split (Cinema Zlatna vrata, Kino Karaman), Kutina (Kutina Open School), Sisak Kristalna kocka vedrine), Zagreb (Kino Europa, Kino Metropolis MSU, SC Zagreb - MM centar), Samobor (Pučko otvoreno učilište Samobor), Čakovec (Centar za kulturu Čakovec), Osijek (Kinematografija Osijek), Pakrac (Kulturno učilište društvo Sloga '), Zabok (Zabok), Sveti Ivan Zelina, Koprivnica (Koprivnica Open University) and Daruvar (Pučko otvoreno učilište Daruvar).

A special open-air program in Zagreb will be held on Thursday, 15. December as an introduction to the marathon weekend. Attractive domestic titles will be screened outdoors in the Advent at Zagreb's European Square, and the program will be announced later.

Schedule projections and other events in 17 Cinema, and more about movies, can be found on their official or Facebook site.

Initiation The shortest day was launched by 2012. the French National Film Center in collaboration with the Agency for Short Film with the idea of ​​a full-day promotion of a rich repertoire of short-form forms throughout the country. After great success in France, the initiative became international and now includes 14 European countries. The Fourth Marathon Short Film Festival is organized by the Croatian Audiovisual Center in cooperation with the Zagreb Institute of France and the Cinema Network.