CULTURAL INFORMATIVE CENTER invites you on Wednesday, 14. 12. 2016. in 19 h, at the Cycle of the Forum: LETVOM A THEATER: Modern Ballet or Contemporary Dance? - the festival's history The Contemporary Dance Week

White ballet, or classical, was the privilege of the court and noblemen up to half the 20. century. The East Bloc has taken classical ballet as its art, so at the meeting of the then politicians it was usually done by the premier of Lake Labu or something similar. This navy was exploited by Costa Gavras in its famous film ?? Z ?? from 1969. years. It was in the sixteenth century that it began to recognize and develop the modern ballet which was used by classical techniques for contemporary stories and themes. But the term modern ballet was not sufficient to describe the creation of individual artists who were dancing at the time. These innovations began to gather a Contemporary Dance Week after the Musical Biennial had introduced us to his first shows with the greats of modern ballet like Maurice Béjar.

Mirna Žagar, Founder and Artistic Director of TSP
Milko Šparemblek, choreographer
Vladimir Stojsavljević, drama writer