Experience. Try it. Seduce. Touch. Challenging, subtle, intriguing and very sexy - the exhibition of the Tiflological Museum "The best place for a blind date", which opens 20. December at 19 hours, and you can visit it at 31. January, (for) leads to the adventure of discovering universal virtuality in all segments of life.

"The name" blind date "is somewhat a paradigm, because virtually because of virtuality, we are truly" blind ". Our desire is to take you on a sensational journey, conceptually divided into two parts, mutually independent, but connected. And what exactly is waiting for you on this journey, which objects, smells and sounds, we will not yet discover, "says the authors of the exhibition Moran Vouk and Igor Maroevic, curator of the Tiflolo Museum.

One part of the exhibition is conceived as a kind of expanded Dark Room where visitors can in various ways p (r) revel in their senses. The dark room is part of the permanent establishment of the Tiflolo Museum and its purpose is to spell out the state of the wickedness, ie the situation without the possibility of receiving visual information. It is also a multisensory room as the visitor can / must awaken all the remaining senses (touch, hearing, taste and flair). For the olfactory sensation of the exhibition, Borut Mihalic, fragrant guru, will be provided, and the producer of the exhibition is Borna Saturday, EXE production.

During the exhibition, visitors will go in the dark with the intriguing objects, smells, sounds and textures they encounter everyday, but since they do not see them this everyday life becomes a completely new, sensational experience.

In the second part of the exhibition, you will be able to see the documentary film "Love is not blind" directed by Višnja Biti, created by 2004. produced by the Croatian Film Association, but also "playing" with expectations, prejudices or destiny. There will also be a virtual connection to the Museum of Interrupted Connections, and the physical / tactile link between the two museums will be located in the Museum of Interrupted Connections.

The typhlological museum contains materials tied mainly to persons with impaired vision, and through the permanent exhibition and new exhibitions it is not their aim to simulate the blindness of the person who sees, but presents the possibilities and limitations of vision.