If you want to donate clothes, shoes, toys or any other items, the Ministry of Magic of Croatia would be grateful to you! Namely, on Sunday at 20, the Zagreb Club of the City Rhythm at Ban Jelačić Square will host the Yule's left of charity, where donations for children will be collected in homes.

According to Marina Gašparić, President of the Association of the Ministry of Magic of Croatia, Yule Bal was inspired by the series "Harry Potter", in which the protagonists organized the ball of that name. Therefore, the themes of Zagreb's ball are magical: festive coats, dresses, ceremonial suits.

Harry Potter's Young Love Association The Ministry of Magic exists from 31. July 2016. They organized a Halloween Party, also inspired by Harry Potter, and the success of this party inspired them to a charity Yule bale. They plan to hold even more such balloons because they believe it is noble for Christmas to make someone happy, especially children.

author: Vedrana Mišković