December at the Happy Toy Store in the center of Zagreb, Martić's 14, owner and entrepreneur Danijel Petrov, is filled with fun and rich holiday amenities for small and large.
The first festivities are already on the day of St. Nicholas with the abundance of fun at Happy Child's Oath of 100 Square Feet for Play, Entertainment and Fun.
The pre-workshop will be held in 13. 12. - wheat will crop up, there will be talk of sacred stories about St. Lucia with a lot of holiday songs and dancing.

A happy birthday party and playroom, the most secure and most revered playroom in Zagreb (but also wider) to children and parents, is preparing a lot of fun during Advent.
From 19.12.-22.12. In the Happy playroom, there will be advent workhops - for "cricket" a lot of fun, while parents in peace and without stress can be in holiday shopping. The workshops will focus on making Christmas gifts and ornaments, along with plenty of fun stories about Christmas.

All applications for participation in the Happy Fun Games can be downloaded via e-mail:, and you can read more about them at