Advent in Zagreb

British daily newspaper Guardian has included Zagreb among ten cities in which to spend winter holidays. As they wrote: "One of Europe's youngest capital cities, Zagreb, fascinates attractions that include the Hrelić fairgrounds, and museums covering areas of archeology to the Museum of Interrupted Connections.

gastro-in-ponuda_advent Klovicevi-1

"The food is also great - try the frogs wrapped in ham in the Tavern's Dream or Egg Chicken in Mundoaki. For a traditional Croatian dinner go to Tač in the very center of town. Drinking coffee is something that the Zagreb specialists have specialty: Coffee in the Courtyard (Jurja Žerjavića 7 / 29) and Finjak in Vlaska 78 are popular places. Tkalciceva street is the busiest place for bars and restaurants - miss a steamed or cooked dough with cheese. There are plenty of good hotels, and the one with more style is Art Hotel. In the winter Zagreb revives: Zrinjevac is completely decorated in the Christmas style and there is about half of Zagreb in the time of Advent.

The skating rink is located near the railway station, and you can shop in Tomić or Bogovićeva. Zagreb has a good connection to Sljeme which is ideal for skiing or snowboarding. If you want to enjoy the mountain scenery, sit in the Samobor bus, "conclude the Guardian.

In the list of the best winter destinations were Slovene Ljubljana, Slovak Poprad, German Baden-Baden and Memmingen, Sarajevo, Swedish Are Ostersund, Polish Poznan, Norwegian Tromso and Romanian Sibiu.