Ban Jelacic Square from this weekend has a new advents attraction - handmade unique sculptures of Ornamental Ornaments in the supernatural size, written by Mario Miše, Croatian artist of the world's voice. Divovski Orašari is a part of the Orašar and Kingdom of sweets project, which brings the largest Croatian publishing house Školska knjiga, whereby Arkadija's bookshop space will shine in a fairytale edition inspired by the world-famous Hoffmann fairy tale "Orašar and King of Mice".

photofoto1Soashari will be the door guards that will lead the kingdom of candy and a fabulous ambience to the 8. January 2017. free visitors can visit all interested visitors. Along with the showcase, which will be decorated with painted canvas, the fairy-tale world will feature in the interior of the bookstore, among other things, supernatural great gifts, as well as high and six meter candy cane lizals.
This project "School Book" continues with the activities of encouraging creativity and reading, and providing support to young artists enriches the offer of Advent in Zagreb. In the mentioned period, the School Book was, beside a pleasant social gathering with a good book in the warmth of the fairy-tale interior, preparing a special offer and discounts for the purchase of holiday gifts.

The two Orasara reading books are the work of an author who has gained world glory by designing, among other things, costumes and headgears for the popular "Games of the Hungry Games" Angel's Wing for Victoria's Secret, collaborating with Vivienne Westwood on the humanitarian project for Ande's children and renowned institutions as such as the Royal Opera House in London and Colon Theater in Bogotá.