In the region, the div - HBO stepped in and announced a TV screening contest to which scholars and professors knew. Is it of any importance for the production of a quality series in Croatia that before the 50 had produced equivalent series as US television? Do we want to produce TV series again because of the fact that men will switch to football and soap opera women? The Danes earned five Emmys in seven years, why not be one?

Because of the popularity and cult status of some series, the TV series has been perceived as a new film before 20 years, and today we know it is an independent art media. What is a quality TV series, is there in Croatia and what are the conditions for its production - what is the stumbling block where there is will and knowledge? Is there a nation-wide TV series for nation-wide educa- tion and the influence of domestic audiences on domestic production? About these and other issues will be discussed with producers of Croatian drama successes, Dari Vince, co-author and producer "They started in peace", and Miodrag Silom, producer "Novina" and "Loze".

Editorial and director of this Book Friday is Sanja Kovačević, screenwriter and author of the book in preparation for "High Quality TV Series: The Millennium of the Screen".
The forum will be held in 16. December in the City Library, Starčević Square 6, Dome Gallery, 3. floor, with a usual start at 20 hours.