Zagreb Ensemble Ensemble (ZAF) since the foundation of 2012. year, is unique on the Croatian music scene, and this year's season provides spectators with a musical journey through time. Submitted as "Music Time Machine" season 2016. the year brings three thematic concerts that represent a certain shift compared to the classical format of classical music concerts. After the successful "Yesterday" and "Today" concerts, the Zagreb Ensemble Flute (ZAF) announces and concerts the concert - "Tomorrow", which will round off this year's season and present the finale of the ZAF conceptually designed season and will be held 18.12.2016. in 18 Hours in Oris Space - Architecture Houses. This is a multimedia and multicultural project in which besides the ZAF is the composer David Mastikos (BiH), Female Laptop Orchestra (UK) and director Anja Kavid (BiH / BE).

The original and basic idea of ​​the concept of this concert can be deduced from the program title. The desire to focus on the future with time-based art and to show the flow of time - yesterday, today, tomorrow - has resulted in a combination of different types of art with music that is inspired by the future. In addition to the implementation of the 21 technical achievements. century, a very important role in this project is also the path to the unknown. As the tree can not be without roots, as thought is never pure, so this concert will not be possible without the audience as a reflection of the past, present and future views. The Tomorrow / Tomorrow Composition is an elementary element of the entire concert, inspired by the look of the future, composed for the 10 flute and the Female Laptop Orchestra with the possibilities of implementing different media. By combining already experienced artists, young artists and flute students and providing young interpreters with a rare opportunity to gain precious concert experience and expand their own repertoire with the sovereign support of their experienced colleagues, the Zagreb ZAF ensemble gives a new dimension and synergy with related art often creates and a whole new work of art. So is the concert "Tomorrow" conceived as a multimedial performance. Inspired by the texts of Italian futurists, the Concert "Tomorrow" examines the different concepts of the future, which was one of the most radical art movements of the first half of the twentieth century. During their organization, financial and technical support was provided to them by: City Office for Culture of Zagreb, HEP, HUZIP, KDZ and the Academy of Art of UNIBL.