Oleg Weisz

We talked to Oleg Weisz. His name may not mean anything to anyone, but if we mention the former HRT show "Shepherd", the dice will probably begin to match. Many will agree that this is a show that, without too much delay, can be called the cult, followed by many schoolchildren because it was just intended for them. Perhaps "Shepherd" was not as popular as the still living "Pets" or as a "Turbo Limach Show", but many, today not more so young, certainly remained in a beautiful memory.

Morning. Here, tell us to start a few words about yourself ...

My story is quite interesting because I did not grow up in just one place but in ten of them. Born in Osijek, I completed the first four grades of primary school in Rovinj, fifth in Krk (Krk), sixth in Porec, seventh and eighth in Umag, the first and second secondary in Opatija, third and fourth in Izmailovo (place Natanya).

All these relocations have already formed me in an early age to a person who had to deal with, demonstrate and be open to new people. I guess that's why I still love people today and it's hard to say to me that I am a closed person. That is why I worshiped on television because I was given the opportunity to have a day-to-day contact with very interesting people from all spheres of society.

Today, many people are remembered as the leader of "Športerice"

That. Work on the "Športerica" ​​show was my first engagement at HRT and I worked as a manager and journalist over the 10 years. This was a great experience, but also a journalist school because later on, by moving to the mosaic and fun program of HRT, performing journalistic tasks was much simpler.

Although I really worked on a lot of shows on HRT (though I spent there for 14 years ago), somehow people were remembered by the "Spider". This is a great pleasure for me because this was a really good project.

I've always considered this show as "my baby," though I did not just participate in her creation. It was a great team and we were aware we were doing a good job. I do not only focus on the quality of the show but on its goal, something that has influenced the youth, motivating them, encouraging sport.

So, the goal was to motivate young people to activity, to interest them in sports?

Our goal was the young people who are already engaged in sport to boast, and those who do not deal with any sport intrigue to try. Today, I like to believe that the "Shepherd" was the reason why thousands of children had a better and better childhood, and so many successful athletes became what they were because we supported them if they ever drifted on their sporting path.

That emissary has shaped you as a journalist, you say?

Yes, it is. I believe every journalist has its stronger side. For some, it is witchcraft, some good text writing, some good preparation, and good sense of the subject, and my forte, thanks to "Brothers", has become a good reader's statement. Because when you work with children, sometimes it's hard to get a useful statement that you can use in your attachment, when I did it, with extraterrestrial personalities and in general with people I later recorded, it was easy to build a journalist's affair just about their statements.

"Stereo" has been broadcast for a whole decade, and longer?

The show was broadcast 10 years ago and gave space and small sports. We did not have the problem of recording their training at 6 in the morning. We watched their tournaments and competitions, found talents, watched sports activities with people with disabilities, learned them all from the sport line and fair play, filled their wishes to meet their sports idols, helping their parents find the ideal sport for their child and more a lot, a lot.

I think that today's young generation should present such values ​​much more often. It is really about hundreds of thousands of children and young people who spend their free time on sports grounds. It is unbelievable to me that absolutely no one is following this group. When parents, grandparents, friends ... are still in it, it's a millionaire audience that media ignores even though they are in the race for watching or clicking.

Are youngsters today playing less sports than it was at the time of "Socks", hence, the nineties and the beginning of two thousand?

No, I do not think today's kids are inactive, I'm sure you're going to the sports grounds - they would find the same number of young people on them as in the "Socks" at the time, but today, unfortunately, the media have some other values. It's easiest to say that young people are just on a computer or mobile phone and how simple it is. We need to ask what our society provides them, how much does it invest in them, what options they offer them? Why has sport become a set of hobbies? Why should the kids have to drive miles away from home? How many children do other leisure time at all remain free time for sports activities ?!

Did the showdowns get better. In addition to "Socks", let's remember "Module 8", "Turbo Limach Show"?

It's hard to say if the shows were better, but then the shows had the goal, they were tailored to a certain age, and the teams they made were enthusiastic about doing their job. Today, as a twin-year-old twin father, I see the program that is being offered (professional deformation) - in the production sense of the show, there has been a lot of progress but the content is lagging behind for broadcasts that have once emitted. After looking at them, nothing remains, but the second day you forget that you've looked at them. I do not see the purpose of producing shows that are for themselves purposes and do not have their audience. The shows you mentioned had their audiences, and definitely their purpose.

And for the end - what do you do today?

I have not been on television for a decade, but I have remained in a related profession. Today I'm the owner of a video production company dealing with corporate and promotional films. So I still shoot, install, report, and meet people. I marry Margarit, who is also a television journalist, and father of the beautiful twin-year-old twins Dore and Sare. Who knows, maybe one day we join forces and make a new "Spider".