On the weekend of 9. to 11. December 2016. from 22 to 6 hours in the area of ​​the Police Administration of Zagreb, an action was undertaken to increase the control of alcoholicity of traffic participants, allowed speeds of movement and drug abuse surveillance. During the action of the action, a total of 1099 traffic offenses were found, of which the 181 driver's offense is under the influence of alcohol or the rejection of the preparation. At the site of the offense, as a precautionary measure, the 157 driving license was confiscated and the 181 driver excluded from the traffic.

In 24 driver (13,3%), the concentration of alcohol in the organism was higher than 1,5 g / kg or they refused to formulate. During the action, a 14 woman-driver (7,7%) who was driven by a vehicle under the influence of alcohol was recorded. During the implementation of the drug abuse monitoring action, six persons were tested in advance, where the test was negative.

The highest recorded alcohol concentration at the driver was measured on Friday, 9. December at 21.15 Hours, in the village of Klinca Sela, on the Radnička cesta, at the 62-year-old who was managing the personal car of Zagreb's registration markings under the influence of 3,65 g / kg of alcohol in the body.

The highest recorded alcohol concentration at the driver was recorded on Saturday, 10. December around 1.50 hours, at Nova Kapela, Dubrava municipality, at the 24-year-old who managed a personal car of Bjelovar registration stamps while in the body had 1,69 g / kg of alcohol.