The Senate of the University of Zagreb discussed the situation at the Faculty of Philosophy (FF) and invited all the professors, employees and students of the Faculty of Philosophy to respect the statutory and statutory procedures.

As reported by the Plenum of the Faculty of Philosophy, with the 8 of the reserved votes, the legal opinion of a private law office was accepted: the Council of the Faculty of Philosophy is not legally and therefore no legal decisions have been made by the Council. The lawyer's office in the statement states that the rector should be paid by student tuition fees. Read the release below:

"It is about the following decisions that the Senate today, bypassing the University's Statutory Affairs Committee, declared it invalid: dismissal from Dean Holjevac, appointment of professor Nevena Budak from the Dean, dismissal of the old ones and appointment of new members of the Senate and launching a new dean's election procedure.

Representatives of the Philosopher were released at the Senate, but did not have the right to vote or to participate in the hearing. In front of the University building, a cordon of emergency police was set up, which protected the rector from the peaceful protest of students and professors of the Faculty of Philosophy during the Senate session.

Rector Boras, soon you and your colleagues will have to look into your eyes and take responsibility for all the damage you've done to the Philosophy, University and higher education as a whole. The greatest dictators in history would be interested in you and your close associates in usurping position and manipulation with a large institution such as the University of Zagreb. In history you will be left as the worst rector who has spent violence on the students in the form of the bare force of the intervention police, as well as the rector who not only allowed him, but in no way condemned the bringing of a private security company to the Faculty of Philosophy, which closed the whole wing of the Faculty building , including a library and a referral, in the middle of examination deadlines and enrollment.

The funds you use to earn your own material privileges and benefits, both personal and your associates, for any condemnation in the latest Croatian history, are unveiled at the University. If you had some conscience, you would be out of duty and ceased to compromise and be cheeky. Thus, you are left in the mud of the legal chaos that you have been producing, and with each new process and step you become the most irritated figure of the University of Zagreb. The question is when all your malevolence will come to light from the dark corridors and the room at the Rectorate where you gather in the late night hours with your co-workers.

It is a comforting fact that you will not get an extension for another term on the Philosopher and that you will soon be expecting a pension. It will defeat the logic of pure biology and the world will remain on us, students, who, unlike you, condemn violence and violence, and we are guided by the high moral and ethical principles and principles of concern for the common good, whereby our mistakes are ready to be recognized at all times.

The Rector, we, the students, feel deeply ashamed of studying at the University where you are headed.
Do you doubt your children?
Do not you think you do not remember? '