On Friday, 16. December at the 14 class at the Rome Square in Kerestinac - Sveta Nedelja will again be part of the action "Zagreb until it was even" to be solemnly discovered a tombstone of Pontiff Romana that archaeologists believe lived in the area at 3. century.

Ponca's tombstone monument was found at the end of 19. century near Kerestinca and from 1894. is kept in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. Made of limestone of inferior quality and quite damaged, it clearly reveals a part of the inscription that says Pontius put himself, his wife and Mark. The monument is interesting because of its rustic design and is assumed to be during 3. a century after the end of the centuries, carved out some local master and placed him in one of the many Roman necropolises in the Zagreb area, near the road that connected Emon and Siscia, that is today Ljubljana and Sisak. The original monument is preserved today in the monuments of the Zagreb Archaeological Museum, while the replica of which is signed by Slavimir Slaviček in situ.

Since the year 1990. when the project "Zagreb was launched until it was even before" before 1094. year "was marked by several archaeological and paleontological sites in the area of ​​Zagreb. In this way, a kind of inversion has been made, or rather that the course of the subject is "from the point of arrival to the museum" this time has gone in reverse direction - from the museum back to the locality. Of course, "in situ" are always copies, while the originals are still stored in the museum. The exception is the crowned stele from Gornji Bukovca, which is privately owned, while the other replicas are made according to the templates from the Zagreb Archaeological Museum and the Croatian Natural History Museum.

The authors of this project that care about the selection, organization and installation of the monument are Zoran Gregl from the Zagreb Archaeological Museum, Nenad Jandrić from the Croatian Natural History Museum from Zagreb and architect Željko Kovačić.