"Let's Play for Jedi" is the name of a humanitarian action gathering rock bands, friends of a recognized Croatian violinist to help rehabilitate after a hectic illness. The zinkas have gathered a team of friends and colleagues with the intention of joint music and collecting money to help rehabilitate Igor Barić, who is currently recovering from the consequences of stroke. That is how a great company of Cold Beer, Picksiebner and Zinkus will gather on Wednesday, 28. December at the Mochvara Club and compete for his colleague.
Igor Barić, a popular "Igi", is a member of the music company Cinkuši, as well as a long-time violinist of the National Dance Ensemble and Lado songs.

He also co-operated with Cold Brew, Witches, Ayll, Tetum Liza, Jegedus, Zagreb's musicians, Harmer, a participant of numerous concerts and albums. He has performed a large part of the world playing violin, guitar and flute, giving way to the author's approach by which the Zinku is recognizable. From Independent Albums Green Cader (1999.), Domesticus Vulgaris (2005.), Spiritual Sanctus (2009.), Rounded Up on Live Albums and DVDs "Enjoyment!" (2011.), Through Theatrical Performances by Rene Medvešč The Man Who Saved (2005.) And Etnounlimited or tears and blood (2008.) Rajko Pavlic, leader of the Liberdance dance ensemble, animated films Ciganjska (2004.) And Silencijum (2006 .) Davor Međurecana and Mark Mestrovic.
2005. with the award for the best music on 13. Days of Croatian Film for Animated Film Ciganjska, and 2010. Croatian Porno Disco Award in the category of Best Ethno album of the year with Spirituality Sanctus.

Concerning this humorous concert of colleague Picksiebner, they said:
"Picksiebner and Zinkuši have been co-sponsored and supportive for years, and joined the worldview, so it was logical to immediately support and assist our team member."

Cold Beer Frontman Mile Kekin called for the 28.12.2016 to come to Močvara: "We've known Igor for fifteen years, we've played in a couple of albums, we've been hanging out for weddings, birthdays and socializing. In our opinion, zinkas are one of the most original bands in this part of the world and with this action we want to help our common fellow. Come to Moorage as much as possible. You will enjoy in the supreme play, blow your ass and at the same time do a good job. "

Invoice for pre-sale: 60 KN. On the day of the event at the cashier's club: 80 KN

By buying a ticket, do a good job, both for Ignah and for yourself! Because it's good to come back!