The Belgrade rock'n'roll machine Partibrejkers return after nearly three years at the Factory of Culture where they will perform on Friday, 16. December at 20 hours.

Partibrejkerse are in Belgrade 1982. founded the year Zoran Kostić - Cane, drummer Goran Bulatović - Manzanera and guitarists Nebojsa Antonijević - Anton and Ljubisa Kostandinović. They called Partibrejkers, as they themselves experienced it. The first performance was 4. October 1982. in the Belgrade "Dadov" as a frontpage of The Fifties, and their unique blend of rhythm, garage rock and blues with two guitars, drum and bass guitar, for the first time featured with the song "Radio Utopia" on the compilation "Ventilator 202" (1983) . Singl "1000 Years / Tonight" (1984) announced the cult album "Partibrejkers", one of the best debut of the Yugoslav rock singer, which appears in the production of Dušan Kojic - Koje (Discipline of Spin) and band, Partibrejkers classics like "Street Walker", "She Lives On The Hill," "Losses," "If You Are".

The Concert Tickets in Tvornica are 70kn / on the day of the 90kn concert.