This Saturday, Saturday, the youngest puppet audience in 11 will be entertained by an artist "Artur Božić", and after the projection, the reunion continues with a new imaginative creative workshop.

The workshop lasts for 60 minutes and is intended for children from 5 to 10 years, but children of all ages are welcome with compulsory parental guidance.


creative-workshop to April

About the movie:
"Artur Božić" ("Arthur Christmas"); R: Sarah Smith, Barry Cook
animated, color, digital, 97 min, synchronized, age 5
Content: An animated answer to the eternal question: how Santa Claus manages to deliver gifts to all children of the world one night? With the help of numerous assistants, of course! In the North Pole there is a Santa Clause where various duties have the right army of workers-elves, and they are commanded by Santa's older son Steve, who is assisted by a benevolent but clumsy younger brother, Arthur.