More people were arrested in the morning in the Zagreb area, among them, unofficially, Vecernji list and Sandro Stipančić. This is a joint action by the prosecution and the police, acting on the basis of a criminal report filed by the tax office of USKOK, and the arrestees are suspected of more criminal offenses in the field of economic crime. Stipančić is also involved in an investigation conducted against Zdravko, Zoran and Marija Mamić, Damir Vrbanović, Igor Krote and Nikky Vuksan, and they are suspicious of about $ 80 million from Dinamo. This investigation was launched last year when Stipancic was arrested for suspicion that over one of his offshore companies had drawn money from the transfer of Dinamo players.

As unofficially he knows, Stipancic is in contact with the other arrested and is now suspected of doing business over fictitious bills, and in those jobs, the state budget was damaged for a couple hundred thousand kuna, while Stipancic and the others obtained the property gain of several million kuna. The police searched the premises and the house of the arrested, and when the search was conducted, the suspects would be brought to the prosecution's office for questioning.