In the ninth, 18. December at the 19 Hours at Tuškanac Cinema will be screened the screenplay of "As You Like It, 2015."; r: Polly Findlay with Croatian subtitle.

It is a screening of a record-breaking performance of the famous Shakespeare comedy at the London National Theater, directed by British director Polly Findlay, set at the scene at the end of 2015. years.

Short content:
The comedy about Rosalindi, the daughter-in-law duo, who, along with cousin Celia, flees into the woods, is masked into a man and falls in love with Orland. Rosalinde, one of the most attractive female comedians of Shakespeare's work, which has so far been embodied by some of the most famous British actresses, is Rosalie Craig (the winner of the Evening Standard Award for Best Performance at the 2013 Music).

The ticket is 50 kuna, for members of the 25 kuna Film Program.