This year, as well, the Croatian Audiovisual Center is launching the Marathon Short Films on the upcoming holiday season, which is freely displayed in cinemas throughout Croatia. The event will be screened at the European Square in Zagreb, 15. December of 17.30 hours.

The screenings at the European Square in Zagreb will serve as an introduction to this year's Marathon Short Films, and the Zagreb audience will watch films deployed in four thematic blocks. The program begins with a block of children's films, followed by two blocks of Croatian adult movies, and the end will show a block of music videos directed by famous movie directors.

In the children's block will be shown the animated films Sweet Dreams by Dinka Kumanovic, Ježeva škola Ivane Guljašević and Igramo's stories: Cvrčak and ants Marine Andree Škop, who was awarded the Best Regional Animated Film at the Jahorina Film Festival and declared Zero Plus in Russia the best short animated film. The block concludes the animated film created in the Croatian minority co-production Koya - Flower of Slovenian director Kolje Sakside.

The first block of Croatian adult films was the winner of the Golden Wheel for the best short film program of Kockica at the Zagreb Film Festival 2010. Then I see Tanja Juraj Lerotić. The others included Do not trust anyone Luke Čurčić, a multi-award-winning animated film Life with Herman H. Rott, Chintis Lundgren, and Zinacker Daine O. Pusić, who has been awarded several prizes in various categories at various domestic and foreign festivals, acting and mask.

In the block of music videos will be able to look at the works of renowned film directors: Radislav Jovanov Gonze (for Pips, Chips & Videoclips), Ljube Zdjelarević (for Bang Bang), Sonje Tarokic (for Cold Beer), Andrew Mardey and David Kapca , Luke Vucić (for band Gonzo) and Branko Pašić (for Detour).

Zagrebačko zagrijavanje will be held 15. December at the European Square starting at 17.30.

Marathon begins 18. and lasts up to 21. December, takes place at the 17 Cinema in the 13 cities and on that short day of the year celebrates the short film form. In the fourth Marathon Short Films, more than 20 titles will be shown in four programs: 'Croatian Marathon I and II' will bring recently awarded domestic shorts, 'European Small Marathoners' bring European animated titles intended for younger viewers while 'Split' marathons' reserved for the Split audience.

The cities and cinemas participating in the fourth Marathon short films are Rijeka (Advent Program, Trg Matije Vlačića Flaciusa), Velika Gorica (Pučko otvoreno učilište Velika Gorica), Split (Cinema Zlatna vrata, Kino Karaman), Kutina (Kutina Open University) Sisak (Kulture Europe), Zagreb (Kino Europa, Kino Metropolis MSU, SC Zagreb - MM Center), Samobor (Adventski program, Caffe bar 2CV PUB Fontana, Šmidhenova 25), Čakovec (Centar za kulturu Čakovec) Zabran (Zabok), Sveti Ivan Zelina (Koprivnica Open University College) and Daruvar (Christmas Fair) , King Tomislav Square).

Initiation The shortest day was launched by 2012. the French National Film Center in collaboration with the Agency for Short Film with the idea of ​​a full-day promotion of a rich repertoire of short-form forms throughout the country. After great success in France, the initiative became international and now includes 14 European countries. The Fourth Marathon Short Film Festival is organized by the Croatian Audiovisual Center in cooperation with the Zagreb Institute of France and the Cinema Network.