A slope lift can be made at the end of 2018. - said a candidate for Zagreb mayor Sandra Švaljek at a press conference at the tram stop Down, where the plan is to build the starting station of the cable car. Its priority, if it wins in the elections in May next year, will be the construction of a slope helicopter. For the whole job it is necessary to say about $ 150 million, and considering the city budget weighing more than 7 billions of dollars - that should not be a problem.

He criticized Sandra Švaljek, the current mayor of Milan Bandic, who has not made a cableway until today and will go through the decade a year ago since being put out of operation, as he said, since Bandic was "taken to the Zagrepčani". He also notes that the Mayor will certainly announce the realization of this project, but only for election purposes, because it is in the Draft Budget for 2017. year of cable car is not mentioned anywhere.

He thinks that the project of the lifts does not work well enough and systematically, though there is a conceptual solution for the technical aspect of the construction. On the other hand, he adds, many issues remain unresolved - no completed spatial planning documentation for the Medvednica peak area, no Urban Planning Plan, no high-quality architectural solution for four buildings on the route, no property legal remedies relations along the route where the cable car would go.

According to Švaljek, ski lifts are not only important for skiers, as the ski season in Zagreb lasts only two or three months, but is important for all of Zagreb, but also for the ecological aspect. Medvednica's annual passes 63 to thousands of cars and other motor vehicles - by building a cable car, this number will be significantly reduced, he concludes.