No smoking, photographs: Saša Midžor Sučić

Even two big birthday parties will be celebrated this weekend in Zagreb's KSET club. On Saturday, 17. December, KSET will be part of the celebration of its 40. The birthday party hosts "No Smoking", while the next day "No Smoking" at KSET celebrates its 36 birthday, but this concert is intended for the biggest fans and friends. The double celebration was the occasion for our conversation with Davor Sucic.

On Saturday, 17. December at the Zagreb Club KSET will host a concert. What can we expect?

First of all, we are grateful and honored that the closing night of the great anniversary of KSET, 40 years of the club, came to us. We will leave the heart in the field, we will try to play some festive repertoire in which we will rejoice, rejoice, dance. We will try to be more relieved, happier, to make a sense of what an anniversary and deserve.

How to play in KSET, not a larger club or even a hall - would you be sure to fill it up?

The real band in every field plays fairly, and by the feet. So there are no big and small bands, there are only too big halls. I think every band that holds up to their audience has to go wherever the audience has and wherever they expect them, whether they are small spaces, whether they are big. The real band should not discriminate against their audience and must come wherever the audience is, that's some of our policy from the beginning.

Soon you celebrate your birthday, where will you celebrate it and celebrate it?

Well, the next day at the same place. Just because all of our guests, all of our friends do not stop at this concert, we will do another - we will dedicate it to our friends, the people who helped us. The worst is the returning band. It is even easier and more gratifying to make a name and career as a beginner, as a new face. The worst thing is when the band wants to return after the 7-8 years break, and that was the task we did with this team and these people, much harder than it was when we were born, when we broke, when we were all new, fresh and interesting. That is why we want to thank everyone who helped us, both in the band and around him, so we will make a small concert, a small party, to thank them for all these years of support, both professional and human.

New songs, new album - when?

We'll probably work it through this year, maybe next year it may be over. We work in parallel with the movie, so it's likely that all of this will end, but you will also have the chance to hear some new songs, new lyrics at the concert.

Have you ever "fired and burned" this area, as it is today?

Rock audience is loyal, there has not changed much. When a trend becomes fashion then some people simply go through that trend. It was probably a stage when rock had more audiences, but there was a real audience as it is today. These are people who simply treat it as a religion, not just as music but as a way of life.

Let's just mention that the KSET Gate for the Sabbath Concert opens in the 21 clock. Tickets cost 80 kuna, and you need to have a membership card of KSET or make it to the cashier's club.