Everyone on Monday, 19. December, at 21: 15 hours, visits to Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb, will be able to enjoy a rich music evening prepared by Ana Rukavina Foundation with the help of a media partner, Nove TV. Concert "I Want Life" The Foundation wants to thank everyone who has been involved and contributed to her work during the ten years of the Foundation's work.

For a good mood during the concert, the well-known director of Nove TV will be in charge, and the citizens will have the famous hits of Psihomodo Pop, General Danger, Meritas, Zeljko Samardžić, Jelene Rozge, Vatre, Maje Šuput, SARS, Colonie. The event will additionally spice surprise guests who will warm their visitors at low temperatures with their hits.
Anyone who can not join the traditional Christmas concert at the Square will be able to enjoy it in front of the small direct screen directors on New TV starting at 21: 15 hours. The concert will also be available on the DNEVNIK.hr portal and through OYO service, and citizens can support the concert on social networks through official zoo #ZelimZivot.

During the concert there will be a call center in the cafe Johann Franck where the prominent faces from the Croatian public life will appear on the humanitarian phone, helping to raise funds for the work of the Foundation. Citizens of the Foundation can support today by calling the humanitarian number 060 9000. The call cost is 5kn (+ PDV), and calls by citizens to the humanitarian number provided by Hrvatski Telekom will be possible throughout December.

Concert "I Want Life" was named after a candid call to help with the treatment of leukemia, which Ten years ago 29-year-old Ana Rukavina Erceg sent to her closest friends:
"For me, surrender was never an option. I often get into my life and work because of that, but when I do not know otherwise. I love life and people infinitely, I know and have to live for. Sometimes it seems to me that even 100 years would not be enough to do all that the one in heaven intended for me. All my desires really stand in two words, I want life. "

Her call soon spread and cheered on the Croatian public, which again showed her a big heart. Ana, unfortunately, lost ten years ago the battle against the disease, but not the life battle. The legacy left us a noble mission - to help the hard-working people in Croatia and the world.