On Friday, 16. In December, the concert of the popular Detour group, which recently celebrated the 10 years of existence, will start another fun weekend at Advent at Klovic's Court. With the greatest hits "Plešem sama", "Snow", "I fell in love" and "Far away", this famous band will certainly make the visitors happy and the good atmosphere on the Gradec plateau will continue on Saturday.

After the second year in a row, Zagreb is proclaimed the most beautiful advent destination, it is a great occasion to celebrate the most beautiful Saturday night in the city with a great DJ live program.

gastro-in-ponuda_advent Klovicevi-11

gastro-in-ponuda_advent Klovicevi-17

As part of the Advent at Klovićev's Courts, on Gradec plateau there is a large selection of gourmet specialties even by 11 caterers, which is especially delighted by the visitors of the Saturday night in the Upper Town, who can enjoy the right after-ski atmosphere with a great offer of food and drinks with rhythms of DJs from the most famous ski resorts in the world. This is the best introduction to the fun Saturday, which continues with the concerts of musicians and songwriters Sare Renar.


The Sunday will, on the other hand, cheer the little ones and their parents. The show "Mu and Ho Ho Ho" at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery hall from 11 hours, the youngest will, in a fun way, recall what is the essence of Christmas.

Concerts for all generations, entertaining programs for those youngest and scattered Plate Gradec on Saturday night above Zagreb are a guarantee of great fun at Advent at Klovićeva Dvori, which has already become known as the best place to spend and photographs with the most beautiful view of the city.