The branch office of the Zagreb Holding Company in Vukovar Street was robbed on Wednesday about 18: 30 hours. As the Zagreb Police announced, three of the unknown masked perpetrators threatening with firearms and the use of bodypower have committed robbery over the security guard and the employees and unkempted money.

Officers have unarmed security guards who could not stop the robbers in their plan. The police announced that material damage has not been established yet, but is estimated to be higher, which is expected since it is the central spot for Holding's payments.


According to unofficial information, in this office of the Zagreb Holding, in certain periods, the amount of cash is up to one million kunas. According to the law, the escort of money is required for amounts greater than the 800.000 kuna, and given that Sokol Maric's security guard came to Holding in cash, it was probably the same amount, if not more. Despite the fact that the branch office with large amounts of cash there is no 'air mail', no surveillance camera. For this reason, the police might have access to camera shots that monitor public areas and traffic.

On several occasions in the City Assembly, the management of Holding was warned of a lack of insurance. All warnings,, is ignored, and the security system of this important city company is completely devastated. This armed breakdown, apparently carefully planned, took place in the headquarters of Holding, located near the building of the Ministry of the Interior and SOA, and with a very frequent crossing. The robbers came into her only a few minutes before closing. At that time, only two cashiers worked, so the robbers did not get the chance to pick up the money from all the five that they had in the early hours. It is well known that the accounts for the services of the Zagreb Holding have to be paid up to 15. in month.

The security service at the Zagreb Holding has been run by former Assistant Minister of the Interior Joško Morić for years, but security guards employed at the Vukovar Street branch office are formally employed in the Department of Goods Terminals.

The Zagreb police announced on their pages this morning that even easier for the injured security guard, medical help was provided by emergency medical staff at the venue.