The last edition of this year's Music Cube in Kavez throws contrast to the illuminated city streets and brings a little musical darkness. The fifth edition of Savska 160's cooking program with ManMachine 17. December starting at 20 hours. The entrance is free.

ManMachine is Goran Uroić together with his trusted companion Rolando XP50 and his action under that name begins with 2011. when he released his first album, "Now I'm Immortal". A year later, EP's "I Hate Human Race" followed and the second EP's "Two Songs About Death" came out the same year. The second album was seen by 2015 in the light of day. "Almost Better Than Silence".

ManMachine like a kind of Tetsu has its dark and disturbing musical anxiety spreads over the audio spans, and when you think of recognizing the elements of some of the darkwave or synth genre, make a quick break because you can not see how much his music is personal and so close to all of us . ManMachine with ease in the song conveys solitude and tears and through the action of his faith shielding Rolanda creates synth synths, lullabies and whips for all synth darkers. The entrance to the Cage is free and everyone is welcome, and donations in the pot are welcome, from which all the collected money goes exclusively to the performers in support of their work.

After ManMachine, the musical pot gets a holiday break and returns to 7. January 2017. at the same place at the same time.