-With these less time-consuming times, let's get closer to the shadows of colorful beads and purchasing power, we fall into the secret of the media that at its very beginnings was like an authentic Christmas mystery. Despite the times, he offered hope. -If the organizers of the show Hoerspiel invite you to come to House Arko, in Basariček's 24, 28.12. in 20 hours, 29.12. in 18 hours or 30.12. in 17 the performance of this small game for listening and watching.

Hoerspiel: a small game for listening and watching Pavlic Bajsić Brazzoduro is a play that tells about the very beginnings of the radio, about the time when the very popular radio plays went live from the studio, with actors, musicians and maheres to reconstruct the necessary noise and atmosphere.


Amazed, and sometimes suspicious, audience crowded around the radio, that wireless mystery, as if it were around the hearth, shaking his head in the head, creating a whole new world. Except as a unique theater story about the radio itself, "about the little people inside the radio box," Hoerspiel evokes in a strange way the spirit of Zagreb from the time between the two world wars, but also later.

And while it is 1973. In a documentary radio drama Ad Libitum, Zvonimira Bajsić and his associates, a grandmother expressed the wish that the people she heard on the radio come out of there and come and share a lunch with her, the Hoerspiel radio calls you to enter it. No lunch but a glass of homemade brandy.

Performances: Jelena Miholjević, Sven Medvešek, Ivana Rushaidat, Ljubica Letinić,
Dino Brazzoduro, Matija Antolić, Ante Perković, Ivan Zelić / Ivor Plužarić, Nina Bajsić and Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro.